September 26, 2013

Pete in the Pool

Name and number?
Pete in the Pool. I don’t really have a number, but I’ve been using UM4D for the rare times that I skate instead of ref.

Orlando, FL

Joined derby?

How did you get interested in derby enough to want to Ref or NSO?
A skater for the league got me interested in the game when she took me to the season closer last year. At the afterparty, I started talking to league leadership and found out I could volunteer to ref if I brought my skating up to par. After that, I got hooked.

Worst bad habit?
I don’t skate low enough, especially with my long legs. I also sometimes doubt what I see and have hesitated calling penalties because of it.

Most manly thing about you?
I’m loud, I lift heavy things, and I’m always right. Also, I’ll never admit it, but I quite enjoy fighting.

Least manly thing about you?
I play with perler beads. I’ve also been known to watch and enjoy crappy drama TV shows.

Favorite drink?
Margarita. As an extension of the above, I like fruity drinks. Don’t hate.

Favorite place to get said drink?
Right now, Ale House has the best marg I’ve ever had. Show me a better one, and I’ll be your bff.

What song gets you pumped for a game?
Some Chords – Deadmau5. No idea why, but I gain boundless energy from this song.

What do you do when you’re not on the track?
I work as a Web Developer; I play video games; I exercise (be it skating or weight training); I socialize; I expand my crafting hobbies. Oh, and I’m awesome.