The Season Closer MVPs


Congratulations to the Arkham Assailants for winning two back-t0-back games against the Sunnyland Slammers and Serial Thrillers this past Sunday during our Season Closer. All teams put up a trough fight. Here are your MVPs: 1st game: Arkham Assailants vs. Sunnyland Slammers Arkham Assailants MVPs: MVP Blocker: Hart of War MVP Pivot: Dahmer’s Dearest MVP…

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Sunnyland Slammers vs. Serial Thrillers MVPs


Congratulations to the Sunnyland Slammers on another victory! The final score was Sunnyland Slammers: 243 to Serial Thrillers: 185. Here are your MVPs Sunnyland Slammers MVP Pivot: Devil’s Songbird MVP Blocker: Velocislappedher MVP Jammer: Foxy Bloxy Serial Thrillers MVP Pivot: GreenBay Smack-Her MVP Blocker: Bayou Basher MVP Jammer: Bowtie Bruiser Sunnyland Slammer’s Fan Favorite: Latina…

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Sunnyland Slammers vs. Arkham Assailants MVPs


Congratulations to the Sunnyland Slammers on their first victory of 2014! Here are your MVPs: Sunnyland Slammers MVP Blocker: Velocislappedher MVP Pivot: Devil’s Songbird MVP Jammer: Shod N. Froyda Arkham Assailants MVP Blocker: Mykillangelo MVP Pivot: Thrash Bandicoot MVP Jammer: Dahmer’s Dearest And your Fan Favorites: Sunnyland: Mistress-Toxica Arkham: Amina Acid And a big thank…

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Serial Thrillers vs Arkham Assailants MVPs


Congratulations to our MVPs! Serial Thrillers MVP Jammer: Bowtie Bruiser MVP Pivot: Bayou Basher MVP Blocker: Ivana Crushyu Arkham Assailants MVP Jammer: Thrash Bandicoot MVP Pivot: The Block Dahlia MVP Blocker: Hart of War Thanks to our loyal fans for voting for their Fan Favorite! Serial Thrillers: Slam Adams Arkham Assailants: Dahmer’s Dearest Photo credit:…

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